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Hi welcome to my website here you will find pages dedicaded to the gorgeus, sexy, highly influential and talented performer Anthony Kiedis of 'The Red Hot Chili Peppers'.

Anthony Kiedis, also know as Antwan the swan was born in ST. Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan,US on November 1st 1962, blood type A. At current he is 5'10 tall and weighs about 10 stone 10. His father John Kiedis is a small time actor and president of Rockinfreakapotamus (rhcp fan club).His mothers name is Margaret Elizabeth also known as peggy. Blackie was accepted into UCLA and the whole family migrated to LA until Peggy and Anthony went back to Michigan in 1968. Finally Peggy and Blackie got divorced. -According to MTV Biorythm- At the age of 11 Anthony moved back to LA to live with his father whom he missed. Things turned pretty hectic for young Kiedis: he lost his virginity at the age of 12 to an 18 year old girlfriend of his father's arranged by Blackie and discovered drugs(cocaie and heroin) before turning 15. Anthony has acted in many films. His first movie being F.I.S.T in which he played the charector Cole Dammett, he has also featured in films such as The Chase,Tough Guys,Brave New World, Back to the future 2, Jokes My Father Never Told Me, Back th the future 3, Freestyle, It's a mille from Her to Glory and Point Break.

Anthony started going to the school l in 1977 he attended Fairfax higschool- it gave Anthony the chance to meet the ones who were going to become his bandmates: Hillel Slovak, Jack Irons and Michael Balzary (flea). They started a band, Jack was chosen to do the vocals. Anthony's first instrument was the drums but he gave that up. Jack and Hillel left the band and two new members joined. They make a record then go on tour. After the departure of Jack Sherman, Hillel returned. But unfortunately In 1988 Hillel Slovac died from a heroin overdose. This shook Anthony up and he soon gave up drugs he admitted that one thing that helped him through this was "Flea coming up to me and crying with his beutiful little blue eyes and saying "I love you and i don't want you to die".

If all this is boring you here is an extract of how Anthony describes it-

STORY OF RHCP by Anthony Kiedis -according to Rockinfreakapotamus #11 in his own writting "... make a band / make music / have fun/ get a record deal / Hillel and Jack quit / I cry / get two new guys / make a record / go on tour / fire Jack Sherman / get Hillel back / write songs / make a record / go on tour / loose my mind and get kicked out of the band / I kinda finda my minda / band takesme back / write songs / make a record / go on tour/ Hillel (bless his heart for all time) dies / Jack Irons (who had come back) looses his mind and quits / we get two new guys / dirty DH on drums / Blackbird McKnight on guitar / we had to play you see / I love Flea / Blackbird bless his heart, doesn't work out / he goes / we get John / we part ways with DH and get Chad / write songs/ make a record / go on tour / oh Goodness here's a first / we do two records in a row with the same line up / go on tour / John looses his mind (or maybe he found it, who knows) / he quits in Japan / we get Jessie on guitar, doesn't work / he goes / we get Dave / write songs / make a record / go on tour ..."

John frusciate returns after 5 years hugs and kisses all round. The band are now back and bigger and better than ever with there amazing 9th album 'By the way' which was released earlier this year.

Anthonys 3 best qualities in my opinion are-



3) HIS DETERMINATION AND STRENGTH (how he's coped with all the shit he's been through in the past e.g. drugs, band members leaving, the low points in his life, the death of his freinds)

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Did you know that if you re-arrange the letters in ants first and second name you can get these phrases 1) Is a thin donkey 2) I yanked on this 3) Noisy naked hit 4) He is tiny and o.k.

A hero-"A man distinguished for valor, fortitude, or bold enterprise: anyone regarded as having displayed great courage or exceptionally noble or manly qualities, or who has done a deed or deeds showing him to posses such qualities. A person of apparently supernatural powers."

Anthony is my hero

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Written by Shezza Kiddle


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